A little bit about us:

We are a registered provider of social housing and our purpose is to provide affordable homes for people in the greatest need in Lincolnshire.  Our homes are located across the east coast of Lincolnshire, with over 75% near Boston and Grimsby.

Anthony Read

Chair of the Board

Chair’s Welcome

2021 was unprecedented for us all. I am proud of the way that communities have come together during the Covid-19 pandemic and how LHP colleagues and partners responded to the challenges it has brought.

Our priority is to provide great housing in strong communities and this year has shown why that is so important.

Despite the pandemic, we remained focused on our job, putting you at the heart of what we do. Our commitment to customer service won us accreditation for our new complaint handling process. And our focus on value for money means we are in a strong financial position, with a good finance and governance rating from our regulator.

We really value the feedback you give us, and as always we’re looking forward to working with you on our plans to build back to a stronger and fairer future after the pandemic.

Murray Macdonald


Introduction from our CEO

It’s been a year that has brought us all together in new ways.

Our priority has been keeping you – our customers – safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, and I am truly grateful to all our colleagues and partners for their hard work and commitment that has meant we’ve been able to carry on delivering services.

Our IT systems have meant we’ve been able to make the switch to working from home and allowed us to continue to offer high levels of customer support during extraordinary times.

Despite the circumstances, we made progress on reducing empty properties, getting repairs done and working with customers to reduce debt.

All of this is important as it gives us the ability to reinvest in quality services.

We’ve listened to your feedback and will soon roll out new housing management and telephone systems, which will allow us to address customer enquiries through more channels and provide an even better service.

This has certainly been a year where customers, employees and business partners have had to work together. It’s proved we’re about far more than bricks and mortar. Thank you to everyone.

Meet the Board

Paul Casey

Board member

John Crowther

Board member

Carl Dewey

Board member

Rob Jones

Board member

Jiggy Lloyd

Board member

Kate Lindley

Co-Opted Board member

Yvonne Lowe

Board member

Sally Marshall-Mills

Co-Opted Board member

Simon Parkes

Board member

Meet the Executive Team

Alex Dixon

Executive Director of Property

Bridget Lloyd

Executive Director of Customers

Kathryn Price

Executive Director of Finance

Suzanne Wicks

Executive Director of Strategy, Digital and Culture